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The Glenwood Shakespeare Company

The Glenwood Shakespeare Company 

A selection of our Shakespeare projects, 1993 - 2020.

Hamlet Prince of Zoomers Episode 1

The King is dead. For two nights the guards on watch on the Elsinore castle tower have seen a shocking sight: a ghostly figure which looks exactly like the dead king! They bring their smart friend, Horatio, to the tower one night to prove what they have seen is real. An exciting new web series for The Glenwood Shakespeare Company presenting a Hamlet for the times: read in the style of a Zoom teleconference.

Hamlet Prince of Zoomers Episode 2

A shockingly familiar ghost has appeared to Hamlet’s friend Horatio and the guards at Castle Elsinore in Denmark. Horatio tells Hamlet, who is still deeply sad over the death of his father and his mother hasty re-marriage to his uncle Claudius. Hamlet is amazed when Horatio tells him the ghost looked exactly like Hamlet’s father. Then the ghost appears to Hamlet himself! An exciting new web series for The Glenwood Shakespeare Company presenting a Hamlet for the times: a reading in the style of a Zoom teleconference.

Once More Unto the Breach from Henry V by William Shakespeare. 

This was made by 45G of Glenwood Public School for the inaugural Cross Network Concert of schools in the Ultimo Region. This video explores the images in that famous speech from Act III, Scene I of Henry V. If you enjoy it, you can watch the live recordings of the full show right here on channel Glenwood.

Kindy Macbeth

Macbeth as performed on stage by Kindergarten, Glenwood Public School, November 2006. Many of the same cast went on to film Playing Shakespeare: Henry V when they were in Year 2. Music is composed and performed by Glen Op Den Brouw. It is an original score.

Henry V (1993) Slideshow

Higher quality version of the slideshow. Henry V was our first production and its success back in 1993 lead to Glenwood's ongoing drama output, reaching all the way to Channel Glenwood.

This is where it all began the astonishing enthusiasm and talent of the kids kicked off our entire movie and multi-media production line. Just look at those faces these kids are totally IN that Shakespearian world up on stage. Photos shot at 1600 ASA during the final dress rehearsal Friday October 22, 1993. 

Photos by T. Gough Music: Music track title: Freedom Composer: Pierre Gerwig Langer (SESAC – CAE #: 469753010) Publisher: Lynne Publishing (PRS – CAE #: 541626758) Purchased from Stock Music Site and licensed by Bjorn Lynne/ Shockwave Sound, Dec 21, 2008