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Hamlet, Prince of Zoomers Episode 1 - "The Apparition"

Hamlet: Prince of Zoomers Episode 1 - "The Apparition"

The King is dead. 

For two nights the guards on watch on the Elsinore castle tower have seen a shocking sight: a ghostly figure which looks exactly like the dead king! They bring their smart friend, Horatio, to the tower one night to prove what they have seen is real. An exciting new web series for The Glenwood Shakespeare Company presenting a Hamlet for the times: read in the style of a Zoom teleconference. 

Fifteen the Movie

"Fifteen" the Movie!

Glenwood's entry for the 1-Minute Film Competition. A king battles a powerful enemy and the loyalty (the theme of the competition) of his remaining soldiers is put to the test. A great little action adventure with a strong theme and a neat twist. You might have to watch it twice - there is so much happening!

This version has extended credits to see all of the film makers. Be sure to check out the playlist for the movie for plenty of behind-the-scenes action and insight.

Once More Unto the Breach!

A visual exploration of this famous speech from Shakespeare's Henry V!

Playing Shakespeare: Henry V

Highlights from Shakespeare's Henry V as performed by Year 2 at Glenwood Public School. Part of a Friday afternoon Drama group, we explored the text and talked about language and then staged some of the scenes for the camera. You probably need a good understanding of the story to follow - it's hard to compact a three hour play into twenty minutes! Who said you can't get kids into Shakespeare??


ATOM Award-nominated adventure movie from Glenwood Public School. Ashley, Lauren, Hayley and Skye are very different girls. Yet an afternoon on detention see them being thrown together across space, time and dimensions for the most incredible adventure ever!
Combines live action, animation, virtual sets along with comedy, action and drama.

The Sorrow of War

The Sorrow of War is Glenwood Public School's most honoured film to date. Soldiers in the Battle of the Somme write letters to their loved ones about the sights, sounds and sorrow of war. Winning multiple awards, including Little Big Shots (Best Film by Aussie Kids), Short Sited Film Festival (Best Youth Film), ANZAC Day Schools Awards (Best Use of Technology), it was also the film that inspired the makers of Tropfest to launch TropJr in 2007.

The Sorrow of War - Behind the Scenes

All That and a Bag of Chips

Taneeka Green writes a great short story and is encouraged by her teacher to turn it into a movie. She gets together and dedicated band of friends and together they make a fantastic film. She enters it into GnarlyFest and it's instantly snapped up as a finalist. But what happens when she gets put under the spotlight? Based on a true story. Trop Jr shortlisted movie.

Free Free at Last

A girl awakens in a dark room. There are strange sounds and smells. How did she get there? How will she escape? And what is the thing the is coming for her? FINALIST: TropJr 2008

Time Trial

Children from a devastated post-Greenhouse future travel back in time. The kidnap a motorist and put her on trial for her part in committing crimes against the Earth. WINNER Australian Primary Schools Film Festival 2005

The Weirdest Jungle Ever!

Intrepid Scientists encounter evil Hunters and amazing Animals in the Weirdest Jungle Ever! Live action and animation combine is this entertaining adventure story from Glenwood Public School.