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About our school

Welcome to Glenwood Public School. Our school is one where we pride ourselves on the excellence of learning; a school where children can work towards and achieve their potential. With a strong emphasis on the development of the basics, success has come to children in becoming effective readers, writers and mathematicians. However, we hold most pride in ourselves for the creation of a supportive and caring atmosphere throughout our school, an atmosphere where children can grow in an environment conducive for learning.

Our reputation for providing the best possible education, which includes a wide range of activities ensures all students are engaged and motivated. Our school is the winner of numerous awards in educational initiatives. We have won local, national and international awards in technology. We have had teachers recognised for their personal excellence and contribution to education. Most importantly some past students have gone on to selective educational placements and post schooling, to successful careers.

Glenwood's proud history continues in the day to day interactions with children and in the giving them the ‘keys to success in life' through a strong and effective education.

Glenwood Public School (established in 1981) features quality programs which focus on improving student educational outcomes in a safe, healthy, productive, enjoyable and balanced learning environment. Particular emphasis is placed on: developing student Literacy and Numeracy skills; catering for the talents, interests and needs of all students; implementing positive student welfare programs.

Download the Glenwood Public School information booklet (PDF 1.46MB) with everything you need to know about our school!

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