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Simplifying or “cancelling down” fractions with the help of a tables grid. Expressing the simplest form of a fraction is easy with this starter exercise that also gives you multiplication and division practice. All you need is a tables grid, easy to find with a quick internet search.


Adding fractions with the same denominator. The favorite kind of fractions question! Super-easy but with a common error that is easy to avoid. This video shows how to do it and briefly explains the rationale.

Understanding mixed numbers and improper fractions with a deeper dive into what they are and what converting one to the other really means. Visualisation, examples and a detailed, easy-to-understand explanation.

Detailed explanation of how to add fractions that have different denominators. Explained with diagrams and examples and ways to make them easy to do!

Very short video demonstrating how to subtract fractions that have the same denominator. Super easy! Just remember: the denominator stays the same!

Subtraction of fractions from whole numbers – a detailed look going the long way ‘round, though you’ll also be able to see how the process works and perhaps be able to do them in your head!


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